Be Cool’s high-torque electric fans offer a powerful, consistent cooling airflow regardless of engine RPM. This compares very favorably to an engine-driven fan’s output, which is limited by engine RPM. At slow driving speeds, such as during a cruise or a parade, an engine-driven fan is producing the least airflow when your engine actually needs more cooling air. Be Cool fans not only provide the airflow needed by your cooling system at low speeds but, in most cases, they also allow for the removal of a vehicle’s engine-driven fan which can result in a significant horsepower gain as well as fuel savings.

Pusher fans that are mounted on the top of a radiator core, which is mounted horizontally or flat, will pull the fresh airflow in, and then push the air down through the core exiting out the bottom. Make sure there is ample air space below the radiator (approximately the thickness of the radiator core) to remove the warm air out of the core.

Be Cool Radiator Module Cooling Systems are built with Puller fans unless noted otherwise.