Drag Racing Series Radiators


This is a short line of racing radiators that are engineered and constructed for the Professional and Sportsman drag racer. Some feature single-core, featherweight construction while others have extra capacity with a dual core design.

Their exclusive design provides improved airflow and cooling while creating less drag for optimum performance. Be Cool’s .080 wall aluminum tanks provide much increased longevity and safety compared to the Scirocco-style plastic tanks used by other manufacturers.

Competition Series Racing Module

Be Cool’s Competition Series Racing Module Assemblies are designed for drag racing. Each module in this series contains a Be Cool aluminum single or dual-core crossflow radiator with oval fluted tubes and loose fin design, a hi-torque, euro-black electric puller fan, aluminum pro-style fan mounting brackets, and all necessary wiring.

Scirocco–Style Racing Module

These Scirocco–Style Modules are engineered and designed for the Professional and Sportsman racer alike. They provide improved airflow while creating less drag. Every radiator in this series features coolant tanks that are constructed of .080 wall aluminum. These tanks are vastly superior and much safer than OEM-style plastic end tanks. Additionally, Be Cool’s radiator core technology is more dependable and prevents core failures.

Featherweight Racing Module

Our Featherweight Racing Module Assemblies are built for Sportsman and Bracket racers using a super lightweight radiator that features a 1” core. These Featherweight models are available either cradle or flange mounted. Lose the weight and win!